Evolving EA Mission Statement

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The Evolving EA™ website is about the assistant and for the assistant.

Our goal is to provide a resource for assistants to become more proficient in the role and/or move above and beyond the role if so desired by focusing our time and energy on our core Executive Assistant Competencies: initiative, judgment, leadership, change management, communication, execution, problem solving, integrity, conflict management, accountability, and resourcefulness.

We want to educate and train other people about the role and encourage companies to leverage and recognize the competencies and skill sets of assistants, and their contribution to corporate goals rather than perpetuating stereotypes.



Communication encourages awareness. Whenever we have relevant and interesting news, you can expect an article written by our team with your training and development in mind and in alignment with our mission. We will be leveraging our connections and network and invite leading professionals to write guest blogs exclusively for this website. We will also be interviewing managers to learn more about their perspective and experience with assistants.

The following people will benefit from this website:

  • Executive Assistants who want to be more proficient at their role.
  • Executive Assistants who want to move above and beyond the EA role.
  • Administrative Assistants on a career path to Executive Assistant, or supporting C-Level Executives.
  • Managers and functional team members who want to leverage their assistant’s capabilities.
  • A human resource team aiming to increase and/or improve programs and resources for assistants.

And most importantly, your voice is important. We need your help in spreading the word about our mission. The ‘more the merrier’ could not be more accurate for this initiative. And we need to hear from you. We welcome your requests and suggestions for future topics. You can contact me at tericase@gmail.com.

We look forward to learning and working with you. If you’d like to receive the bi-monthly newsletter via email, please take a moment and subscribe.

Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,

Teri  & Team

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